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The new Tank X Road Monster is now on the market

The new Tank X Road Monster

One of the most famous and most expensive military cars on the market today, it is the "Rizvanni" tank, which recently released a new version called "Tank X" equipped with a V8 Hellcat engine for the Dodge 707 hp and enhanced the Super Charger, to be this road monster One of the most powerful cars ever.

And the new "X Tank" got a strange exterior design, as close to science fiction movies, as it abandoned some levels of "ballistic" protection for glass and door panels in favor of a lighter and lighter performance. In addition, the tank is available with a "rugged terrain" package, which includes a 6-inch crane and 2.5-inch internal shock absorbers, advanced types of "front and rear" Dynatrac ProGrip brakes, and huge 37-inch tires.

As for the entering room, it is more comfortable and quieter than the external, with leather seats, red stitching, a vertical display and a 7.9-inch entertainment information screen with multiple applications to facilitate navigation and guidance. The company, "Rizvani" has stated that the price of the new "X Tank" starts from 259 thousand US dollars, or approximately 971 thousand Saudi riyals, with orders open from now....