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The official unveiling of the MG6 Elvis Lift - the new 2021 model

The official unveiling of the MG6 Elvis Lift - the new 2021 model

The official unveiling of the MG6 Elvis Lift - the new 2021 model

External changes to the MG6 Model 2021 Elvis Lift

 As we mentioned in several reports, the MG6 Elvis Lift got a completely new front end, through lamps with a more modern and streamlined design, and a larger front grille in glossy black color, with a more sporty design of the front bumper.

From the sides, the car did not change much, as it is an improved version and not a completely new generation, but some touches appear in a bright black color at the bottom of the doors and around the windows and in the side mirrors, with a new design for the wheels.

As for the rear design, the MG-6 featured LED rear lights with an updated design, with a rear spoiler, and a new rear bumper design, with a sporty air diffuser, with two exhaust vents.

 External changes and additions to the MG6 Model 2021 Elvis Lift

 The interior got a lot of changes, which includes a larger screen, a larger design, with a new design for all buttons of the center console, with a new transmission stick.

With a new more sporty steering wheel from leather with aluminum trim, integrated with the distinctive red car start button, which resembles the sporty supercar, a fully digital dashboard, sporty leather seats, and red accents in many aspects of the cabin , As well as an audio system from BOSE.

 Power system in MG6 Model 2021 Elvis Lift

 The MG6 will continue to be offered with a 1.5-liter turbocharged 1.5-liter engine, but the power will be increased to 181 hp, 285 Nm of torque, up 12 hp, and 35 Nm from the version currently offered.

The engine will connect to a 7-speed Wet Dual Clutch automatic gearbox, or a 6-speed manual, to transfer power to the front wheel traction.

The date of availability of the new MG6 Elvis Lift Model 2021 in Egypt

  In a special statement to AutoZone magazine, an official of Al Mansour Automotive Company stated that the new MG21 Elvis Lift 2021 model will be offered for sale in the Chinese market in the first quarter of next year, to be put on the Middle East market at a later time, and we expect it to be presented In Egypt at the end of next year or early 2022 .