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The official unveiling of the new 2020 Skoda Slavia Spider

The official unveiling of the new 2020 Skoda Slavia Spider

The last years are considered one of the most important and most successful periods for the Czech manufacturer, as it introduced many new models that have achieved wide success and popularity in all global markets such as Kodiak and Karok, and recently the whole new generation of Octavia, and as the company stated, it plans to introduce a large number One of the new models in the coming period, and one of the most important of these models is an open sports car!

Skoda today released official photos of a new "Spider" convertible, shown on the Escalade hatchback model, which is being introduced in European markets, and has been designed and developed by a number of students trained at Skoda's vocational school.

The new convertible was named Slavia, and it was named the first bike made by two of the main founders of the Skoda company Václav Laurin and Václav Klement.

The Slavia sports car revealed many significant changes compared to Scala, as the sides and rear and the interior of the car were redesigned, as the roof and the rear design were removed in the style of a double bubble, such as the Aston Martin Zagato and Porsche Speedster, and was added Dual exhaust in the middle of the rear bumper, sporty wheels from the new Octavia RS, as well as a glossy black rear spoiler.

The photos also showed many changes in the interior, such as the sporty steering wheel, and sporty seats with the Skoda logo in the center, with multi-point safety belts such as racing cars, in addition to the new screen found in the new generation of Octavia, and a 320-watt audio system, in addition to 2.250W subwoofer, and some changes to the design outlines.

Introduces the new Slavia Speedster, with a 1.5-liter turbocharged 1.5-liter engine, with 150 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque, and connects to a seven-speed DSG speed box, front wheel drive, as well as a modified exhaust system, and the company has not announced performance figures The official so far, as the car lost a lot of weight after removing the roof and doors from Scala hatchback, bringing the total weight of the car to 1.210 kg.

The company announced that the design of the new Slavia Speedster was inspired by the classic Skoda 1100 "OHC" design that was introduced in 1957, and the company also explained, that only one version of Slavia Speedster has been made so far, which is the sixth car that is manufactured by students. The trainees in Skoda.

It is also worth noting that the company did not announce the conversion of the Slavia Speedster into a production car, but the idea was put under serious consideration, especially by the chief design officer of the company, Oliver Stefani.