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The specifications of the Hyundai Centa Fe 2021 are officially revealed

The specifications of the Hyundai Centa FE 2021 are officially revealed

 Hyundai Centa Fe 2021

A month after the publication of recently-recorded photos of the new officially-mechanized Hyundai Centa Fe 2021 specifications on the Internet.
As you have already told you, this is not a new generation of the Korean SUV that competes with Toyota RV for each of the following. Chevrolet Econox, Ford Escape. Honda CR-V. and Mazda 5-CX.
As we have said about its official publication, the new Santaf is based on the Hyundai 3G car platform, which has provided significant improvements. It also has an exterior so much restored that it makes you think it represents a new generation of this style.

 Hyundai Centa Fe 2021

Hyundai Centa Fe  2021 Mechanical Specifications:
The two engines are based on the E-GDI 1.6 liter Petrol engine with a torio, with a 59 HP power engine, and are powered by 230 HP and 350 Nm of torque. The vehicle equipped with this engine comes with a front-wheel drive system and optional with a full wheel drive system. It has a 6-speed automatic air.
The second version to be provided next year will depend on the Big an Heppard system. Hybrid system the electric motor is charged by the socket. The combined operation of a 1.6-liter petrol engine with Turbo combines the same user in the first edition with an electric motor that has an over-the-top 89 HP motor powered by a lithium-ion battery of 13.8 kW. This version is connected with a 6-speed automatic cock and has a full wheel drive system. Its total strength is 265 HP and 350 Nm of torque.
Hyundai Centa Fe 2021

A diesel engine available in some international markets of Seller in line for 2.2 liter at 201PS and 0 Baya Nm of torque, is connected with an automatic caster of 8 speed cable clich.
Hyundai Centa Fe specifications included 2021 more efficient in the oil spermum. It also obtained improvements in shock absorbers in collisions, God forgive, and the Korean company focused on providing 30 mm better space for second-row seat passengers. The third row of this family car is made up of 40 mm larger legroom than the previous model, and the sweet analysis area has been increased to 631 liters the designated Hyundai 2021 car is expected to be available for sale in the world markets, Halal for the next September month, God willing. No information was provided on the price of Stavus 2021 set at the time of writing.