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The difference between the types of engine oils


The difference between the types of engine oils

types of engine oils

The engine is one of the most important parts inside the car, which consists of several other parts that work to complete the dynamic process of moving the car, and one of the most important of those things that must be taken care of "engine oil" because it has a very important role in completing this process, so choosing the inappropriate oil may lead To damage and quickly end its shelf life. 

We explain to make the difference between synthetic and semi-synthetic and natural oils used in the car's engine, in addition to the meanings of car oil codes that are added to the box from the outside to choose the right oil for the car.

And different types of "engine oil" differ from "sedan" cars to "sporty" to "crossover" to "pickup", depending on the speed, weight and pressure on the engine, and are summarized in 3 types are oils (synthetic, semi-synthetic, and natural) .

  • "Mineral" natural oils, those obtained from natural oil (source of crude oil).
  • "synthetic" synthetic oils, those oils that are characterized by containing a percentage of natural mineral oil as a basis for them, and are designed as a mineral as a basis for them, have been chemically designed and added some materials to mineral oil to improve its properties.
  • Semi-synthetic oils, which are oils that are formed inside chemical laboratories, and are a mixture of mineral oils with a rate of 70%, and industrial oils with a rate of 30%.

As for the numbers on the oil packaging, for example there is always such a symbol (5W-30) or (10W-40) with different numbers, where the letter W indicates the winter, while the number on the left indicates the lowest temperature that can be The oil can work at it without freezing, and the number on the right indicates the high temperature that the oil can withstand and without losing its required viscosity. These symbols and numbers represent the result of the experiments conducted by the SAE Institute on the oil in the box. .