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Tips to maintain car paint during the summer

Tips to maintain car paint during the summer
Tips to maintain car paint during the summer

You should be concerned with painting the car, maintaining its luster and preserving its original paint for many years. When reselling the car, the original paint is evidence of the originality and quality of the car, so it comes to you with ten tips to keep the car paint as long as possible.

 Steps to maintain the car paint during the summer

- Do not use dishwashing materials and clothes to wash the car because it works to remove the wax layer or the external varnish on the paint.

- Not to resort to curettage anything that contains sand that is attached to the body of the car, such as cement and clay blocks, but it is removed by water pressure.

Not to park the car for many days under direct sunlight.

- Avoid getting the car body wet for many periods of time due to the absence of rust.

- Removing bird droppings from the car body as soon as they contain substances that corrode the paint layer.

- Do not use anonymous protection layers because, after time, the primary paint layer is destroyed.

Polishing the car every time and adding a new layer of wax to keep the original paint.

- Do not use stickers with large areas and are of poor quality for each that does not leave a non-removable effect.

- When the car is parked for periods in coastal cities in places close to the sea, the car is covered because the body of the car is not exposed to the salts that erode the paint.

- When painting the car in the event of deep scratches or bumps, quality materials, whether treatment or paint, are used.