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Toyota Rush 2020


Toyota Rush 2020 : review

Toyota Rush 2020
Toyota Rush 2020
In the event that you want to own a compact SUV or crossover at an economical cost, you may find that most of the available options come from companies that are not known for reliability or that they provide narrow interior spaces without a row for child-friendly seats that make your car more practical, but here comes Toyota Rush 2020 to solve All of these problems through its practical design, economic price and its ability to impress you with the value you offer against its price.

the design

Toyota Rush 2020
Toyota Rush 2020

Toyota Rush 2020 has a distinctive sporty, modern design without sacrificing the process, as it has a remarkable height from the ground with attractive silver wheels in a 17-inch design, while the front facade is dominated by a huge central grille connected to the LED headlights which below have prominent fog lights with ventilation port And bottom protection panels to improve the ability to walk unevenly.
From the sides we note the presence of distinctive dynamic lines that go from the front wheels below to the top of the rear luggage bag, with a high roof that improves the interior seating area, in addition to the clear height of the background from the ground and the presence of pillars for the luggage above the built-in roof of the rear spoiler, with back lights Large, plastic bottom protection and bumper protection panels to increase the durability of the vehicle and its ability to maintain its beautiful design with light bumps.

Cabin and technologies

Toyota Rush 2020
Toyota Rush 2020
Inside the cabin, you will easily notice the spaciousness and roominess of the three rows of passengers across 7 seats covered in comfortable luxury fabrics, although the row seats are mainly suitable for children only, and the three rows have access to charging portals for smartphones so that all passengers remain in touch during their journey, in addition to The ability to fold the rear seats when you want to accommodate a large number of items while traveling.
In terms of technologies, we find that Toyota Rush 2020 provides an information entertainment system through an 8-inch screen with an audio system of 8 second-class speakers, in addition to the presence of several USB ports, along with a dual automatic air conditioner with a ventilation port for the rear seats, with support for smart entry systems without Switch and start or stop the engine at the press of a button.


During ASEAN tests for auto safety levels in Southeast Asian countries, Toyota Rush received a rating of 84.03 / 100 with the award of the highest five-star category in car safety, in terms of the level of rigidity of the structure and the safety systems that come with it, which includes cushions Front and side airbags with electronic stabilization systems, anti-lock braking and brake force distribution electronically, with control systems and driver assistance for hiking with tire pressure monitor and corner sensors with a back camera.


Toyota Rush 2020 comes with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with 102 horsepower and 134 Nm of torque connected to a 4-speed automatic transmission with a rear-wheel drive and a 45-liter fuel tank capacity.