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Volvo XC90 2020, an electric car with Formula 1 technology.

.Volvo XC90 2020, an electric car with Formula 1 technology

Volvo XC90 2020

The Volvo XC90 has been admired by many since the launch of its second generation in 2015. Available in its highest class with a super-hybrid engine powered by electric charging hailbird technology, it delivers power up to 400PS.

This  2L 2TW engine comes with a premium HYBard system that can travel up to 30km in a single charge.
More recently, Volvo has revealed some improvements to its XC90 2020, and the most notable addition will be a new, full-scale Formula 1-based movement system that restores power through the car’s braking system. This means buyers now have the opportunity to buy a luxury SUV with incredible sports technology from Formula 1.
More details about this 'super' vehicle are displayed to you in the following lines. Quoted at disposal from the "Car Buzz" site.

New power recovery system

Volvo says its new energy recovery system, which will be provided in a special category of the vehicle, will save 15% of fuel and will help reduce CO2 emissions while driving. This new system restores the kinetic energy in the brake system, and stores it for reuse at a later cycle.

Volvo XC90 2020

The system will be in XC90 B series and, according to Volvo, will be a "very important step" in the company's efforts to move to all electric models in the future.
The company has declared that it plans to make half of its sales in 2025 from electric cars, as the company does not intend to introduce new electric cars, but it wants to provide electric models from all cars it produces now by 2025.

The electric model of the XC40 from Volvo will be the company's first all-electric model, along with its other brand, Polstar, which specializes in the manufacture of luxury electric vehicles, and will be built on this system in these two vehicles.

Volvo XC90 2020

Changes to the exterior

In addition to the new Volvo XC90 power recovery system, the vehicle will see some changes to its 2020 exterior, new 21 and 22" tires, new colors and a new front-end too.
Volvo will continue to provide different categories of the vehicle. It is an excellent category, the most practical category with seven seats, and a six-seat model.

Production of Volvo XC90 Model 2020 is due to begin in May this year at the company's plant in Thailand in Sweden.

But the company did not reveal the first destinations for car distribution in the world markets, and whether they will be confined to Europe or reach other markets, especially North America and the Middle East.