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Will the new Mercedes EQS electrics be the world's most traveled?

Will the new Mercedes EQS electrics be the world's most traveled?

The "driving range" is one of the most important and biggest obstacles in the history of electric car industry, but it is - and as I always say - a matter of time until this obstacle gradually fades away.

Today, while holding a press conference for Mercedes-Benz via the Internet, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mercedes-Benz stated that the next EQS model will be able to cover a distance of 700 km per electric charge, thus being considered one of the largest travel distances covered by a single shipment in the history of the industry Electric cars, as per WLTP standard.

The emergence of the car from the beginning as an electric car contributed to this achievement, as it is not like its predecessors "just a conversion of an electric car from a car with an internal combustion engine", this did not happen here, but the car originated from the first moment as an electric car, which contributed to controlling many different characteristics , And to determine a better location and size of the batteries, all of these details contributed to such an achievement.

It seems that Tesla should be concerned about its new opponent from the old German Mercedes-Benz. It is worth noting that the American Tesla company owns the Model S model with a traffic range of 610 km per charge according to the WLTP standard, which means a difference of about 90 km per shipment.

It is worth noting that the EQS model was designed to be close to the luxurious luxury S class of internal combustion engines, which means that this model may be the most luxurious and luxurious electric cars in the entire world in the future.

As I said and I always say, all the challenges facing electric cars today are just a matter of time until we find a permanent solution to them, here is the problem of the extent of the traffic, and it is slowly resolved.

And a short time ago, the problem of the Porsche Taikan model was overcome by the problem of gradually accelerating the acceleration numbers in the event that the acceleration is tried successively again and again without time interval, this is just another example to prove that all the challenges facing electric cars are only a matter of time.