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Wraith Cryptus is a maze of complex codes

Wraith Cryptus is a maze of complex codes

The Rolls-Royce range of cars is the title of exceptional craftsmanship and high skill and has conceived of its concept as an elite of the company's experienced designers. This group also showcases the skills of the Rolls-Royce exclusive design program "Facebook" and their mastery of their craft, not to mention that they were brought up in very limited numbers. Rolls-Royce makes its exclusive range of premium materials and uses the latest technology and applications, counting on a passion for brand innovation and the highest levels of technical precision. These cars capture the imagination of customers from all over the world to join the convoy of the most famous and greatest luxury cars that Rolls-Royce has made throughout its history.

Of course, design is the starting point for achieving these endeavors. As for the new Wraith Cryptos collection, the passion of one of the designers in cryptography has made the Wraith car look like a white painting waiting to be decorated with intricate and sophisticated design. The Raith Cryptos collection is limited to 50 cars featuring a maze of sophisticated codes in their captivating interface.

Catherine Lyman, a designer on the Rolls-Royce exclusive design program "Facebook", commented: "The name Cryptos derives from an ancient Greek term referring to the unseen, hidden, coded and legendary if true. Cipher can be traced." For thousands of years, capturing the imagination of some of the world's brightest minds.

Wraith Cryptus is a maze of complex codes

As a designer, I have always been fascinated by the ability to communicate messages that a few elite understand, using symbols, pictograms, and codes. Consequently, finding the key becomes an essential component of understanding the full meaning of something that can only be considered a work of art. "

The Raith Cryptos collection carries a code that crystals in all parts of the car in order to satisfy customers and entertain them, so they embark on a journey called mystery and discovery. For people without the symbols, these codes seem, at least on the surface, as a wonderful design used for purely aesthetic purposes and devoid of any distinctive style. As for those with deep eyes and burning minds, they will have a captivating experience that leads to a conclusion that opens insights.

For his part, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars CEO Torsten Muller-Ottfösh commented: “Here the Facebook program creators have once again excelled and outdid themselves. But if we look closely we will see a series of messages hidden behind a Rolls-Royce house code. And I look forward to one of our customers decoding the code! ”

In fact, the symbol is considered so secretive that only two people from Rolls-Royce House in Goodwood know the full sequence of code and are the designer and CEO. The answer was placed in a sealed envelope in the CEO's safe in Rolls-Royce House in Goodwood, West Sussex. Customers are encouraged to do their best to decode the highly secure area of ​​Whispers (Members') Whispers app.

The journey of cryptography begins with the spirit of happiness anthropomorphic that has long adorned Rolls-Royce cars for more than a century. A green enamel inscription kicks off the Rolls-Royce house code on the base of an obscure model. Then, the redesigned shock absorbers detail draw attention to the bottom of the front of the car, adjusting the Wraith character and position to give this collection its own identity.

For its part, the charming colors hint at the hidden secrets of this group of cars. The Delphi Gray, which decorates the exterior design of the car, is composed of the basic plain anthracite and has a masked effect so that blue and green mica flakes only appear under the sun. This effect is reinforced by a double Coachline hand-drawn line, the newly developed side of which is painted in a newly developed Cryptos green, while the bottom side of the line is a shade of dark gray, and both colors offer hints related to the inner symbol. Moreover, the collection boasts partially polished wheels that complement the beauty of the exterior design, while the center is decorated in a gray orbit color that includes a colored line.

Inside, when the driver crosses the illuminated threshold, the code is crystallized more clearly in the car. If eyesight, it falls directly on the exclusive green cryptos skin, which has been developed to give a metallic effect that contrasts with a negative gray or anthracite color. Elements of the code are clearly embroidered on the headrests of the Wraith car topped by the Rolls-Royce RR logo, and it is perhaps the most obvious key to decipher the code. In order to enhance the driver's experience, an impressive screen flows across the metal façade along the interior design.

The Raith Cryptos range of cars sings its illumination that enchants its passengers in an unparalleled scenery, and includes a sophisticated two-tone roof liner that displays a pattern inspired by the data flow chart. Captured and dim lighting is gradually fading towards the base of the door pocket. The center console also features elaborate seams that mimic the horizontal lines of the door pockets, which in turn embody the focus of this exclusive vehicle on enhancing the driver's experience.

Rolls-Royce is pleased to unveil this new generation of exclusive cars that pose an entertaining challenge that stimulates the mind to digress and extrapolation while providing additional pleasure for the driver at the same time. Who will break the code? What will you reveal? Time is the only rule. Will time tell us what we need to know?


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