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Tips when buying your first car

Tips when buying your first car
Tips when buying your first car

The decision to buy a new car is not easy for many, especially if the decision is to buy the first private car where the difficulty lies in the lack of experience and hesitation between the different types of cars, and the conflicting advice of some people, and therefore you have given some advice to your lady on your first car

1- Good time:

In the beginning, you should have enough time to think about it, so do not hurry to buy the car, which is one of the common mistakes that the buyers come in. You must search and tour to get to know the types of cars on the market and compare them.

2- Do not depend on the agent:

The mistake of relying on the dealer is a common occurrence among new car owners, as the owner relies on the advice of the car sales agent or the owners of the showrooms. It is natural that they want to sell any car to collect the profit, so you should be more intelligent and compare their conversation and not bother to listen to one party.

3- Adhere to the budget:

When purchasing your first car, you must be careful not to exceed the budget of the car that you set up for purchase because the damages that you will be exposed to will be multiple due to the practice of driving on it, in addition to the need to leave a sufficient area of ​​the budget to insure the car against accidents in order not to fall in the additional costs burden.

4- Car Quality:

Your choice must be appropriate to your needs, then your ambition should not be that you rush to buy the car, so that you will not exploit its capabilities simply because of its impressive appearance or the global brand.

5- Don't buy your car from the first visit:

The dealer or seller tries to sell you the first car you encounter at the fair, even once they know that you are looking for your first car, they will increase their pressure on you in order not to give you the opportunity to search the best or suitable car for you.

6- Purchase contract:

Some auto shops deceive their customers by confirming that you got your car at a better price than anywhere else, and upon signing the purchase contract and receiving the car, he was surprised that they had sent you to sign some papers in order to license the car, and there may be a higher interest rate than that Agreed, so you should not receive the car before you have reviewed and completed your transactions related to the price and cost of the vehicle.

7- Review the vehicle contents:

When the buyer receives the car, he is overwhelmed with the joy of forgetting many basic things, as it must be verified when you receive your new car, so you must be careful to review the contents of the car well and they are "spare tire, car lift tool, tire switch, fire extinguisher, lighter, make sure to work Glass machinery, not by car scratches. "