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Magic tricks to polish your car with hair conditioner

A lot of drivers care about cleaning their cars and keeping them clean, which contributes to the comfort of the driver while driving, and the different tools and cleaning methods that are used find finds wax for that and there is a polish and there is also a trick that many people do not know which is that the hair conditioner contributes to cleaning and shining the car in a way Amazing .

And the hair conditioner contains lanolin and silicon, which make your hair soft. These materials also make your car shiny and waterproof, as well as making the soil and mud not stick to the paint.

In this context, we offer you the correct way to use the hair conditioner to care for the car and add shine to it, but you must follow the steps in order to get the best possible result.

You must choose a shaded place to clean the car, because the sunlight will dry out the conditioner quickly, leading to not taking full advantage of it, and then remove the dust and dust using only water.

Next add the car washer fluid to a bucket filled with water, then use a soft cloth and the water you previously set up to wash the car, then change the water again to re-wash the car again.

Then put the equivalent of two cups of water in the bucket, add half a cup of hair conditioner to it, and start using a cloth to polish your car, then rinse your car well with clean water and dry it with a dry cloth, in the end you will find your car shining amazingly and become resistant Mud, dirt and dirt for a long period of up to 5 days, depending on the use and the surrounding environment.