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Opel Moka E 2021


The all-new Opel Moka E 2021 - electric crossover with premium dynamic solutions.

The all-new Opel Mokka has arrived and its debut will be the entire electric class, including the Mokka-e. Which will be the first ever electric model from Opel.

The second generation of Mokka also made its debut for the Opel brand with the Vizor front-end shape to be adopted on all future models; In addition, the crossover comes with the all-new Pure Panel next-generation cockpit.

The Mokka 2021 Mokka is 125 mm shorter than its predecessor, 4,150 mm long from bumper to bumper. However, the wheelbase is 2 mm longer, which means that the rear passengers should have at least as much space as the first-generation Mokka.

Loading space is 350 liters or just 6 liters less than the previous model, despite the significant loss in vehicle length. We give the new series a sporty twist to the new Mocha, thanks to the much shorter length and wider interface.

Inside, the Pure Panel digital dashboard combining two wide screens is one of the most important components. The front of the driver is 12 inches, while the center, tilted towards the driver, is 10 inches; That is, to allow the driver to focus on the road, designers kept the control buttons for basic functions.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come as standard, as well as OpelConnect, which allows direct navigation. Wireless charging for compatible smartphones is also available.

The new Mocha is built on a new platform called PSA's CMP (Common Standard Platform). The lightweight and efficient unit system helps save weight up to 120 kg compared to the previous generation.

The body stiffness also increased, especially with the Mokka-e electrode option, which provides torsional stiffness by up to 30 percent. The increased weight loss and increased rigidity make Mokka more fuel efficient, responsive, agile and fun to drive.

As with the latest model from the Corsa, the new platform allows the 2021 Mokka to offer a battery-powered electric motor in addition to internal combustion engines.

The crossover will debut at the Mokka-e fully electric appearance, combining a 100 kilowatt (136 hp) electric motor and 260 Nm torque with a 50 kWh battery for electric driving with a range of 322 km in normal mode.

With economic mode, the range can be higher, while athletic mode prefers performance over efficiency.

Speaking of performance, Mokka-e comes with a limited speed of 150 km / h to conserve the energy stored in the battery.

This electric crossover supports a 100 kW DC charging system, which allows 80 percent of the battery to be charged in 30 minutes. All charging options are available, from wall box, high speed charging or home cable socket solution.

When it comes to technology, the 2021 Mokka is a big improvement from its predecessor, offering advanced features like ACC (Advanced Cruise Control) with stop and go function, active track positioning system, Adaptive IntelliLux LED headlights, and 180-degree panoramic rear view camera Traffic Sign Recognition System and more.

The new Mokka will also introduce diesel and gasoline engines later, but when they go on sale in late summer 2020, they will be available exclusively as a fully electric model. Mokka-e deliveries will start in early 2021.