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the Infiniti Engineering Academy


The second phase of the Infiniti Engineering Academy program begins after the end of the quarantine period.

The Infiniti Engineering Academy has announced the start of the second phase of its global program to train promising engineering talents to work in the fields of cars and Formula 1 with Infiniti and the Renault DP World Formula 1 team.

The second stage begins at a time when the seven engineers who participated in the first version cut six months of distance training, including engineering student Raul Samrani, winner of the "Infinity Engineering Academy 2019" award for the Middle East, where engineers participated in many projects that required work The teams and their supervisors are in common, as the engineers will move from the Infiniti Technical Center in Cranfield to the technical center of the Renault DP World Formula 1 team in Winston.

Samrani finished his training at the Infiniti European Technical Center in Cranfield, which worked in the Vehicle Inspection division, and conducted various types of tests, which included durability assessments and heat tolerance for new cars preparing to enter the market.

In the second part of the training program, Samrani will work with the Renault DP World Formula 1 team in Inston, in the position of Quality and Efficiency Engineer in the manufacturing line, and check the pressure levels of the racing car floor (R.S.20) to contribute to achieving higher aerodynamic performance.

Samrani said: “The work during the quarantine period witnessed many unprecedented challenges, but the engineers in the centers were keen to achieve the maximum benefit during my work with them, despite my work from a distance, I continue to learn and get the required instructions that help me complete projects That the engineers assigned me, and it was marked by a lot of information and experience.

For his part, said Thomaso Volpe, director of performance projects and sports cars at Infiniti International: “The year 2020 was exceptional for everyone, and we are proud in the academy that the program has continued to work and focus on honing skills despite the challenges we faced, in addition to supporting people who were affected by the repercussions of the virus Corona by dedicating our engineering skills to valuable and useful aspects.

The Infiniti Engineering Academy is an initiative of Infiniti that seeks to search for the best young engineering talent around the world to give it a unique opportunity to work in the fields of cars and Formula 1 races by occupying a job role for 12 months. In its seventh consecutive year, the Academy provides a highly valued career opportunity for seven promising students to learn from senior engineers, and played an active role in Infiniti’s technical partnership with the Renault DP World Formula 1 team.