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Volkswagen Teramont 2020


Volkswagen Teramont 2020 - SUV that meets the requirements of families in the Middle East.

Customers across the Middle East want to have a spacious cabin with a wide luggage compartment.

And because the seven-seat SUV allows easy transport of large items, and helps larger families to move together, many people in the Middle East prefer this category of cars.

Not only do the vast areas that these cars make available for people to enjoy life to the fullest, but rather it meets the requirements of people in their daily activities. Therefore, it was natural for these cars to have a privileged position in families throughout the region.

The large SUV segment continues to grow in the Middle East, and in the Gulf region in particular, given that many customers prefer the high seat positioning and comfort facilities that large SUVs offer compared to saloon cars.

And while the saloon models still represent the second largest class of car models sold in the Middle East, the volume of sales of the Nochback models and their market share are currently declining, and there is a clear trend at the present time towards SUV models.

Volkswagen launched the Teramont in the Middle East in 2018, targeting adventurous customers looking for a large vehicle that meets their requirements, as the love of driving and exploration is part of this region's culture and daily lifestyle, as it is a vast region that includes a variety of terrain awaiting exploration.

Not surprisingly, Teramont became the perfect choice for families, and this was clearly demonstrated by Volkswagen sales across the region, where the Teramont became the best-selling car in the region and its sales reached a third of the total Volkswagen Middle East sales in 2019.

Volkswagen provides its Middle East customers with an SUV that meets their requirements and suits their tastes thanks to its large size and powerful engine.

With a length of more than 5 meters, the Teramont is distinguished by its larger wheelbase, with more cabin space for easy access to third-row seats, as well as the wider luggage space.

The car seats are designed to provide the highest levels of comfort, as they are lined and equipped with a seat cooling system, as well as the ability to control the temperature from three regions.

Entire car settings can be customized for each passenger, while parents can control the multimedia and applications used on the two tablets at the back via the 8-inch main screen.

SUVs are still a favorite of many families in the Middle East, with spaciousness and comfort as their top priority. Teramont remains the first choice for many of these families thanks to its spacious cabin, large luggage space, easy access to the seat row, and an affordable price.

Volkswagen Teramont (also known as Atlas) is a large SUV equipped with seven basic seats and a large number of technologies and entertainment that makes this vehicle a large and luxurious family SUV.

Teramont comes with a range of stylish and sporty options from aluminum wheels, colors and interior options.

From the outside, LED headlamps appear to block the daytime lighting technology. As for the large wheels, they come in a wide variety of 18-inch sizes. The panoramic roof comes almost along the three row seats and is openable.

Teramont also features a box opening system by sliding the foot down the rear of the vehicle with the key in the pocket.

The cabin has the ability to fold the second and third row seats, providing 2741 liters of storage space. Teramont also features three rows of large seats, and the front seats come with a cooling system.

Also, entering the third row of seats is very easy, with the second row folded through pulling and pushing.

We also find the Discover Media Navigation navigation system that combines navigation and entertainment features with an easy-to-use color touch screen.

The temperature control system comes in three areas for all passengers: the driver and the companion and another for the second and third seats.

Teramont is powered by the automatic braking system after the accident to help gradually slow down the vehicle in a safe manner and help avoid collision again.

Mechanically, "Volkswagen Teramont" is available in two engines: the first engine will come in 4 consecutive cylinders with a capacity of 2.0 liters and powered by turbo and power up to 238 hp. As for the second engine, it is composed of 6-cylinder V-type with a capacity of 3.6 liters with a power of 280 hp....