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Reasons leading to the explosion of the car tire


Reasons leading to the explosion of the car tire
Reasons leading to the explosion of the car tire

One of the dangerous situations that drivers may face while driving is a tire burst, especially when driving at high speeds, which may cause accidents, God forbid.
Automobile experts have identified causes that may cause a car tire to explode on the road as follows:

1- Using invalid frames

It is known that every part of the car has a shelf life, so in the event that the tire expires, it is exposed to the risk of explosion, and some drivers in the event that one of the tires is damaged, resort to buying used tires for the cheap price, which are often worn out and liable to explode at any time.

2- Walk on metal or glass

Sometimes while driving, the driver encounters solid objects on the road such as pieces of iron or glass, or other things that may cause damage to car tires, and some drivers skip these things, causing damage to the tires that may lead to their explosion.

3- Adjust tire pressure

Care must be taken to adjust tire pressure periodically, as driving at a high speed in hot climates with an increase in the amount of air in the tires, may cause the tire to explode to expand the air inside the tire, causing it to explode.

4- Car overload

It is known that every car has a specific load stipulated by the manufacturer, but some drivers ignore the manufacturer's instructions, and they overload the car, which exposes the tires to severe pressure that leads to the explosion.

5- Unpaved roads

Driving too much on unpaved roads, such as desert roads with gravel and potholes, or uneven roads are among the main causes that lead to damage or explosion of one of the car's tires, so it is preferable to stay away from these roads unless necessary.