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Tires have gotten smart thanks to this tire from Pirelli Know its features

Tires have gotten smart thanks to this tire from Pirelli. Know its features
Tires have gotten smart thanks to this tire from Pirelli. Know its features

Smart tires are one of the latest innovations that have appeared at the present time, and are characterized by providing vital information about the performance of the car, road conditions, and tire pressure, and this is done by integrating advanced sensors into the vehicle’s body, and this data is transmitted to the driver through an electronic system. Advanced, which helps improve safety and efficiency.

With this in mind, the Italian company Pirelli has created the world's first smart frame, which it called "Cyber ​​Tire," that can transmit information on the road using fifth-generation networks, according to what is stated in the website strive.

To test this new technology, Pirelli teamed up with Audi, Italdesign, Ericsson, TIM and KTH to demonstrate how a car fitted with Cyber ​​Tire smart tires could transfer the road hazards that had discovered it to the next car.

It is noteworthy that the Cyber ​​Tire Pirelli tire represents the only point of contact between the car and the road, and it is equipped with an internal sensor that can collect data from the road surface, and in the future, the tires will also be able to tell drivers how many kilometers they have traveled and detect road hazards such as water or ice that may be Lead to loss of control.

It will also be able to work with driving assistance systems to improve safety, comfort and performance, and the same information will also be transmitted to other vehicles and infrastructure to warn other road users of road conditions.

It is worth noting that this is not the only innovative tire technology that Pirelli is developing, as the company has also developed a group of P Zero Trofeo tires with a sensor that monitors tire pressure and temperature in real time, and provides the driver with suggestions on how to improve his performance.